Matthew’s interview on La Calle Es Nuestra


© interCollective/Matthew
August 19th 2017



interCollective member Matthew has been interviewed by La Calle Es Nuestra, a Spanish street photography collective.



I associate more with the term ‘documentary photography’. Though I see myself simply as a photographer. I am interested in the aesthetic of the image – of course, more important to me though – is the subject/context. Much of my work is candid, some isn’t. What I really strive for – especially in my street portraiture, is ‘edge-of-candid expression’. This is often the prime moment to capture the essence of a person. After that first shot I start up a dialogue and continue to photograph as we speak. In a sense this does not fit with the definition of street photographer as ‘impartial observer’: Once that interaction with subject begins, I steer the image and am involved in it.