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As long as I remember, I am fascinated by strong characters – it is their uniqueness that attracts me and which I try to emphasise with sharp contrasts of hard light and deep shadows. In this way, I isolate my subject entirely from its surroundings, leaving nothing left to distract the viewer’s attention.
Mirrors and reflections also attract me that at best create a second layer of perception, telling a second story that cannot be deciphered at first glance. The act of searching the streets for the right motif and then – when I have finally found it – bringing all these elements together in a single frame is my everyday pleasure.

Paulus Ponizak, aka @iso.null30 (paul**) is a staff photographer for a German publishing house and is based in Berlin, Germany. He is specialised in portraiture and editorial photography. One of his passions is to document life in public places. He has been doing this, since the onset of his career, when he was a staff photographer for the news agency, Associated Press (AP). At the beginning of the nineties, he had the unique opportunity to capture history in the making: the end of the Cold War, West and East Germany reunited and also covered stories in countries like the Balkans or South Africa.



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